Pescos - Young Hand and Soul Crafted Fishing Tackle and Tales

Hello, my name is Louis Enzo, I am 15 years old and love fish and everything marine.

I created this site to share my passion with my friends and honor those who are teaching me the art of fishing. I post photographs of my catch here in the Yampa Valley and in many waters I travel to with my family. I also really enjoy sharing photos of my friends fishing and hope to receive lots of good ones from you! One of my favorite hobbies is tying flies and, lately, designing and making beautiful and practical hand-lines.

Why The Name Pescos?

Because Pesco is the first-person singular present indicative of the latin verb pescar (to fish). I thought of using “Pêcher” (since I am also French), but it is not as easy to pronounce.
I added an “s” to better represent all of us all over the world who love to fish, and because it sounds good!

Each hand line is unique and handcrafted from wood I recycle from local carpentry shops.