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Spending many hours tying flies and flyfishing, my respect for the simplicity of hand-line fishing has grown. It is kind of like soccer, wherever you travel you can always find someone to play with or join locals using handlines. Often, with hand-made balls or lines, these players and fishermen are the most agile!

By creating the Pescos Handlines, I hope to make fishing more accessible, packable and enjoyable while traveling, backpacking, rafting, paddle boarding, kayaking, paddle boating, etc…

Each hand line is unique and handcrafted from wood I recycle from local carpentry shops. I use a hand saw to cut the wood and a router to round the edges, and sand paper to make sure it is completely smooth before you wrap your hands around them. I sew the carrying bags using leftover mesh fabric from outdoor gear manufacturers with an older Singer machine found at a garage sale.

I have observed many hand-line fishermen from far-fetched corners of the world to design these handlines, and I continue to experiment with new designs. Keep up with us as these progress!

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